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What are Investment Loans

Delve into the realm of real estate investing with a comprehensive overview of investment property loans, a pivotal tool for transforming property aspirations into income-generating opportunities.

Investment property loans, offered by Ameritrust Mortgage, are specialized financial products tailored for acquiring properties intended for income generation rather than personal residence. These properties encompass single-family homes, condos, apartment buildings, and commercial spaces. Below is an in-depth breakdown provided by Ameritrust Mortgage of investment property loans, encompassing their features, prerequisites, and critical considerations:


Higher Interest Rates

Due to the perceived higher risk, interest rates for these loans typically exceed those for primary residence mortgages.


Larger Down Payments

Borrowers are typically required to provide down payments of 20% to 30%, a higher percentage than primary residences.


Strict Credit Requirements

Lenders mandate a good to excellent credit score for approval, reflecting the heightened financial risk involved.


Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)

A DTI ratio demonstrating the ability to manage additional debt is crucial, with lenders typically preferring a DTI lower than 45%.


Consideration of Rental Income

Lenders may factor potential rental income into loan eligibility calculations, contingent upon a history of property management or existing rental agreements.

Loan Types

Different Types of Investment Property Loans?

There are several types of investment property loans available in the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common types of investment property loans are:

Conventional Mortgages

    Offered by traditional lenders, these loans come with stringent requirements due to the property's non-owner-occupied status.

    Government-Backed Loans

      While primarily for primary residences, select programs such as FHA offer options for multi-unit properties if the borrower commits to residing in one of the units.

      Hard Money Loans

        Short-term, high-interest loans from private investors or companies, suitable for properties necessitating renovation before renting or resale.

        Home Equity Loans

          Borrowers can tap into equity from their current home to finance the purchase of an investment property.

          Cash-Out Refinancing Offers Homeownerships the Opportunity to tap into their Home’s Equity while Securing a new Mortgage with Potentially better Terms.

          Let’s explain the benefits and advantages of Cash-Out Refinancing & how it could be the financial you are searching for.

          What do you need

          Requirements and Considerations


          Financial Reserves

          Lenders may mandate several months of mortgage payments in reserve to cover unforeseen vacancies or repairs.


          Property Management

          Management of an investment property can be demanding; lenders may inquire about your property management plans or experience in real estate investing.


          Insurance and Taxes

          Investment properties often incur higher insurance and tax costs, considerations for loan approval.


          Legal and Regulatory Compliance

          Compliance with local landlord-tenant laws, zoning ordinances, and federal regulations is imperative.

          Points to Know

          Benefits and Risks

          Income Generation

            Well-selected and managed investment properties can yield steady rental income.

            Property Appreciation

              Over time, properties may appreciate in value, potentially offering substantial returns upon sale.

              Tax Advantages

                Investors can deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, and other expenses from taxable income.

                Market Fluctuations

                  Real estate markets can be volatile, impacting property values and rental demand.

                  Maintenance Costs

                    Unforeseen repairs and upkeep can affect profitability.

                    Vacancy Risks

                      Periods of vacancy can diminish income, necessitating financial reserves for ongoing expenses.

                      Swift Programs

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                      Our 1099 loans, provide flexible financing solutions tailored to your needs.

                      • Min 640 FICO

                      • Upto 90% Max LTV

                      • Upto 50% DTI Ratio

                      • Interest Only Available

                      • 1/2 Year Form

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                      Asset depletion is a financial strategy utilized by lenders to assess a borrower's eligibility for a loan.

                      • 2 Month Bank Statement

                      • ITIN Program to 80%

                      • Foreign National to 75%

                      • 1099 Only & DSCR

                      • 12 Month Bank Statement

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                      A specialized loan program for foreign nationals, providing tailored financing solutions.

                      • Min 700 FICO

                      • Upto 75% Max LTV

                      • $ 3M Max Loan Amount

                      • Asset Utilization allowed as an

                      • eligible doc option

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                      Specialized mortgage products for financing units that are operated as part of a hotel or resort.

                      • Min 680 FICO

                      • Upto 65% Max LTV

                      • $ 1.5M Max Loan Amount

                      • Minimum square footage of 500 sq/ft

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