Secure Your Interest Rate: Tailored Rate Lock Periods.

Ameritrust-Mortgage's Rate Lock Periods offer stability and peace of mind. Lock in your interest rate for effective financial planning and protection against market fluctuations.

What are Rate Lock Periods

Explore ideal mortgage rates with Ameritrust-Mortgage's Rate Lock Period guidance.


What are Rate Lock Periods?

Rate Lock Periods secure a set interest rate for your loan within a specific timeframe, typically 15 to 60 days or more, varying among lenders.


Why are they Important?

Rate Lock Periods offer stability and predictability in a fluctuating market, shielding you from potential rate increases during the specified period.


How Does it Work?

When applying for a mortgage or refinance, your lender may present different Rate Lock Period options tailored to your needs and financial objectives.

Points to Know

Some Key Points / Factors About Rate Lock Periods

Advantages of Longer Rate Lock Periods

    Longer Rate Lock Periods provide extended rate protection, ideal for those expecting a more extended loan process or wishing to secure rates well in advance.

    Advantages of Shorter Rate Lock Periods

      Shorter Rate Lock Periods often come with lower associated costs, suitable for those anticipating a swift loan closing.

      Factors to Consider

        Assess current market conditions, estimate loan processing times, evaluate risk tolerance, and ensure flexibility in case of unforeseen circumstances

        Rate Lock Extensions

          In cases nearing the expiration of your Rate Lock Period, inquire about options for extension to avoid losing the locked rate.

          Rate Lock Fees

            Some lenders may impose fees for Rate Lock Period extensions or changes; clarify these terms to understand associated costs fully.

            The Ameritrust-Mortgage Advantage

              At Ameritrust-Mortgage, we prioritize securing your financial future with competitive rates and flexible Rate Lock Period options tailored to your needs.

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              Rate Lock Periods offer stability

              By locking in a specific interest rate for your mortgage, you protect yourself from potential rate increases during the agreed-upon period.

              Consider your needs and circumstances

              When choosing a Rate Lock Period, evaluate factors such as market conditions, loan processing times, and your risk tolerance to ensure it aligns with your financial goals.

              Consult with Ameritrust-Mortgage

              Our team of experts can provide personalized guidance on selecting the right Rate Lock Period for your situation and help you navigate the mortgage process with confidence.

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              Our 1099 loans, provide flexible financing solutions tailored to your needs.

              • Min 640 FICO

              • Upto 90% Max LTV

              • Upto 50% DTI Ratio

              • Interest Only Available

              • 1/2 Year Form

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              Asset depletion is a financial strategy utilized by lenders to assess a borrower's eligibility for a loan.

              • 2 Month Bank Statement

              • ITIN Program to 80%

              • Foreign National to 75%

              • 1099 Only & DSCR

              • 12 Month Bank Statement

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              A specialized loan program for foreign nationals, providing tailored financing solutions.

              • Min 700 FICO

              • Upto 75% Max LTV

              • $ 3M Max Loan Amount

              • Asset Utilization allowed as an

              • eligible doc option

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              Specialized mortgage products for financing units that are operated as part of a hotel or resort.

              • Min 680 FICO

              • Upto 65% Max LTV

              • $ 1.5M Max Loan Amount

              • Minimum square footage of 500 sq/ft

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